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  • Revisions always included

  • Instrumental mixes always included

  • 25% deposit required to lock in project

  • Alternative mixes upon request (TV Mix, Vox Up, A cappella, etc) - $30/mix

  • Stems created upon request - $30/song


First, contact me via the form below. After we've discussed your project, prepare your files, and send your files via a dropbox share folder, wetransfer.com, or some other online file transfer service. I will mix the songs and upload to a dropbox folder for you to download, review, approve or request revisions. After the first round of revisions, I can set up an audio-only live stream mix session to finish out the revision process if preferred.

After mixes are approved I will provide:

  • 24 Bit (or 32 Bit) WAV files of the final mixes

  • 24 Bit (or 32 Bit) WAV files of the final instrumental mixes

  • Alternative mixes upon request (charged separately)

  • Stems upon request (charged separately)


If you need help choosing a mastering engineer, don't hesitate to ask me for suggestions! I am currently focusing only on mixing and prefer to have other mastering engineers master the records I mix. I believe having a fresh set of ears handle this last stage of the process is a great way to take projects to the next level. 


I keep this date as current as possible, but always feel free to contact me regardless and see what is actually possible for your project. As a reminder, a 25% deposit is required to lock in your project on my calendar.

Estimated Next available date

June 22, 2019

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