• Please email me for current per song mixing rate at
  • Revisions are always included
  • Instrumental Versions included (if instrumental mixes are included at project start) 
  • DDP file for CD replication - $40
  • CDR master - $40 (plus shipping)
  • 24 bit vinyl-ready side files - $40


First, contact me about your project by email or the form below. After we've discussed your project, prepare your files to the specifications listed below, and send your files via, a dropbox share folder, or some other kind of online file transfer site. Then, I will master the songs and upload audio files to a dropbox folder for you to download, review, approve or request revisions. All communication is generally handled via email.

I will always provide:

  • 24 Bit WAV files for digital distribution/vinyl/web
  • 44.1kHz 16Bit WAV files for CD duplication
  • 48kHz 16Bit WAV files for licensing
  • 320kbps MP3s for fun


My current turnaround from the day I receive your files to the day I post a first version for you to review is usually about 2 weeks. If you’re under a tight deadline, I’ll do my best to accommodate as needed.


I like loud. We all like loud. However, I prefer to leave some dynamic range to the music. My opinion is that the master is your final, archival version of your music, and this should be reflected in the sound. I want to provide you with a master that you’ll want to hear in 20 years. Plus, in the world of streaming music (i.e. Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music), we now face loudness normalization. Normalization means that if your mix is too loud, it will be turned down. It is my goal to optimize your music to play well on all platforms. 

Preparing Your Files

I can accept WAV or AIFF files for mastering. These should be stereo interleaved files, preferably at 24 bit and whatever sample rate was used during the recording/mixing process (44.1kHz or higher generally). Please don’t limit your mixes, and try to make sure there is no clipping or distortion on them. I usually prefer mixes to peak at -2dBFS to -6dBFS in the loudest sections of each song. Leaving this kind of headroom, will inevitably allow me to give you my best work. Finally, archive all files in a zip file and send via, a dropbox share folder, or some other kind of online file transfer site.

Fill out the form below or email me equivalent information, then upload your files with the link provided after you click submit:

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