Full Discography


Family of Things - Oscilloscope (Mixed)

Twen - Awestruck (Mixed)

SONTALK - SONTALK (Mixed/Mastered)

COIN - I Want It All (Live from Nashville) (Mixed/Mastered)

Kelly White - Meet Me Where I Am (Tracked/Produced/Mixed)

Kim Taylor - Songs of Instruction (Mixed/Mastered)

Tony Anderson - After The Storm (Mixed)


Liza Anne - "Dreams" (Mixed)

Robyn Harris - Look At You (Mixed)

Carriers - Peace of Mine (Mixed/Mastered)

SONTALK - SONTALK: ACT I (Mixed/Mastered)

KNOTTS - Is It Art Yet? (Tracked/Produced/Mixed/Mastered)

Moonbeau - Moonbeau (Additional Tracking/Mixed/Mastered)

Overcoats - I Don't Believe In Us (Acoustic) (Mixed/Mastered)

The Harmaleighs - Dancing In The Dark (Mixed/Mastered)

Molly Parden - "Who Did You Leave For Me" (Mixed/Mastered)

Joren Hart - Holiday At Sea (Mixed)

Yeses - Yeses (Mastered)

Merriment - Funny Thing (Mixed/Mastered)

Liminal - Analysis Paralysis (Mixed/Mastered)

Becca Mancari - Golden (Acoustic) (Mastered)


eArth Jones - At Least That's How I Remember It (Tracked/Produced/Mixed/Mastered)

Preston Lovingood - Consequences (Mixed/Mastered)

Tony Anderson - "Butterflies" Single (Mixed/Mastered)

Liminal - "For The Afraid" (Mixed/Mastered)

Molly Parden - "Sail On The Water" (Mixed/Mastered)

Taylor Leonhardt - RIVER HOUSE (Mixed/Mastered)

Runaway Kid - MusE (Mixed/Mastered)

Caleb Groh - "Do You Ride" Single (Mixed)

Kid Swim - LYDI Single (Mixed)

Tom Wuest - Burn this as a Light (Mastered)

Giuliano Poles - Secrets (Mastered)

Coyote Talk - Shangri-La (Mastered)

Super Whatevr - Never Nothing (Mastered)

Liza Anne - Fine, But Dying (Additional Engineering/Mixed/Mastered)

COIN - Malibu 1992 - Single (Mixed)

Austin Livingood - "Follow You" (Mastered)

Modern Aquatic - Laurel Leaves EP (Mastered)

Dan Smith - Loved By You (Mastered)

Kyle Church - To Live Again (Mastered)

Messyah - EXYST (Mastered)

KERA - "I'm Late" (Mastered)

Olive - Dark & Light (Mastered)

Emerson Carter - Tiny Treasures EP (Mastered)

Grace Waugh - Bloom (Tracked/Produced/Mixed/Mastered)


Thad Kopec - The Shadow and the Caster (Mixed)

Brian Mulder - Holotropic (Mixed/Mastered)

Jake Tittle - “Different Language” (Mastered)

Molly Bush - From a Year Ago, Forget About It (Mixed/Mastered)

Messyah - EXYST (Mastered)

Richard James - The Way Home EP (Mixed/Mastered)

Rebekah van Tinteren - Rather Have You Wild (Mixed/Mastered)

Pallet House - Ep1 (Mastered)

Anythings - "MiniDV" & "Memphis" Singles (Mastered)

Jake Tittle - "Different Language" Single (Mastered)

Alabama Deathwalk - "Steep Hills" (Mastered)

Lovelaceville - Get Out Of My Head (Mastered)

Local Waves - "Alleyway" Single (Mastered)

Kera & the Lesbians - "I'm Late" Single (Mastered)

Molly Parden - With Me in the Summer EP (Tracked "Seasons of Love" & "KY, I"; Mixed "Seasons of Love", "Still Miss the Way", "Weather"; Mastered)

Caleb Groh - Ocelot (Mixed/Mastered)

Cardboard Highway - Reach (Mastered)

S.R Woodward - Golden Apples (Mastered)

Tony Anderson - "Breakthrough" (Mixed/Mastered)

Julie True - Music to Journal By, Vol. IV (Mastered)

E. ∆ndrei - "Will / Fall" (Mastered)

Calah - S/T (Mastered)

Tony Anderson - "Like A Child" (Mixed/Mastered)

Kid Condor - Kid Condor EP (Mastered)

Tom Crouch - A Civil War of Head and Heart (Mixed/Mastered)


Taylor Veino - Rebound (Mixed/Mastered)

Natalie Prass - Side By Side EP (Mixed)

Gabrielle Elliott - All That's Pure and Beautiful (Mastered)

Pomegranates - Healing Power (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Jane Decker - 55 EP (Mixed)

Tony Anderson - "Journey" (Mixed/Mastered)

Keeps - Brief Spirit (Mixed/Mastered)

24 Hr Records - Kentucky Island (Mastered)

Philippe Nash - I'm Not Gone (Mixed/Mastered)

Jeremy Scott - The Ables (Audiobook)  (Mastered)

Jane Decker - Stonewallin' Sampler (Mixed)

Liza Anne - TWO (Mixed/Mastered)

Jess Ray - Sentimental Creatures (Mixed)

Ben and the Wayfarers - Tiny Sessions (Mastered)


24 Hr Records - FIST, Courgette, Blank, Morning Morning, Honey Bear, Tripple (Mastered)

Absalom Absalom - Blue Ash (Mastered)

Find the Beauty ft. Andy Davis - "It Hurts Me" (Mastered)

Coin - "Lately" (Mixed)

Future Trends - I Am for You (Mixed/Mastered)

The Weekdays - Prodigal Son (Mastered)

Filmloom - Perennial (Tracked/Mixed)

Timbre - Sun & Moon (Tracked/Mixed)

Samuel Mcleod - "Introduction to Dreaming" (Mastered)

Edison& the Marathon - Will/Won't (Mastered)

David Mahler - Sea of Glass (Mastered)

The Red Headed Indian - Honey (Mastered)

Filmloom - Sur(reality) Single (Tracked/Mixed)

Nathan Phillips - River Run Through (Drum Tracking)

Great Awakening - 3 (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Lilah Rose - Poltergeist (Mixed/Mastered)

Jess Ray - Pure (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Philippe Nash - Pelican Love (Mastered)

Judah Lee - Harps & Arrows Project (Mastered)


Cape Canyon - Blue Bonnet EP (Mixed/Mastered)

Liza Anne - The Colder Months (Mixed/Mastered)

The Breaking Yard - Over the Water (Mastered)

Joseph Lemay - Seventeen Acres (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Keeps - Rift (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Oak Creek Band - XI (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Dreamtigers - Wishing Well (Mixed/Mastered)

Abbe Lewis - Familiar Shape (Mastered)

Molly Parden - "Ky, I" Single (Tracked)

Brother James - To The Sound (Mastered)

Twiggs - S/T (Mastered)

John Mann - Little Corner (Mastered)

The Breaking Yard - Over the Water (Mastered) 

The Yugos - Life Is Awesome And Then You Live Forever (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

WASHA - Roots (Mastered)

Antrim Dells - Given Name (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Coin - 1992 (Mixed)

Schematic - Color (n.) Inside the Lines (Mixed Tracks 5, 6, 11)

Better Off - (I Think) I’m Leaving (Mastered)


Josh Ehrmann - Hold On (Mastered)

Marriage - Wildfire EP (Co-produced with Jacob Early/Mixed/Masterd)

Moor Hound - Stifled Spirit (Mixed/Mastered)

Venna - Third Genration Hymnal (Mastered)

Michaela McLaird - The Morning Sun EP (Engineered with Jacob Early)

Absalom Absalom - Movers & Shakers (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Plastic Inevitables - Loon (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Plastic Inevitables - Desdemona EP (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Brianna Kelly & Friends - All Things Are Being Made New (Mastered)

Patchwork - S/T (Mastered)

Siberian Traps - Blackfoot (Mastered)

the Soil & the Sun - What Wonder is this Universe! (Mixed/Mastered)

Hannah Grace - Think Too Loud (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Graham Phillips - Glory to Glory (Mixed/Mastered)

Bear (the Ghost) - What Was All This For? (Mastered)

Acklen - Postcards (Mastered)

Dependency - Love Not Wasted (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Michelle Renee Tuinstra - Wake To (Mastered)

Mid-American - S/T (Mastered)

Kiersten Holine - Candescent (Mixed/Mastered)

Natalie Royal - Savor (Mixed)

Samuel Lockridge - When I Rise (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Caleb Groh - Bottomless Coffee (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered

Cale Tyson - Heartache of a House (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Cory Bishop - Southern Pines (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Cory Bishop - Vinegar and Wine (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

In Transit - Turning (Mastered)

Isaac Karns - Back to the Bassics (Mastered)


French Films About Trains - Boxing Day (Mastered)

Blaise Foret - Returning (Mastered)

Carter Moulton - Scarves + Sweaters (Mixed/Mastered)

The Yugos - S/T (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Cale Tyson - S/T (Mastered)

Timbre - Silent Night (Tracked/Mixed)

To Walt - Compilation of Disney Covers (Mixed tracks 1, 6, 10, 11. Mastered all tracks.)

Jacob Bullard - Growin’ Seeds (Mastered)

the Soil & the Sun - Wake Up, Child (Mastered)

Caleb Groh - Down Dakota (Mixed/Mastered)

Pomegranates - Heaven (Co-produced w Miguel Urbiztondo and Bryan Walthall/Mixed)

Carter Moulton - Cloud (Mastered)

Pomegranates + Caleb - In Your Face, Thieves (Mixed/Mastered)

Eagle/Deer - Summer of Sepia (Mixed/Mastered)

Jaci Wisot & the Spectacles - Jaci Wisot & the Spectacles EP (Mastered)


Caleb and the Caroling Caravan - Vol. II (Mixed/Mastered)

Future Trends - Dangers of the Night (Mixed/Mastered)

Sacred Spirits - Some Stay (Co-produced w Nick Stumpf/Mixed/Mastered)

The Waking Point - Lifted EP (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Fidel Catastrophe - Sweaty Money EP (Mixed/Mastered)

A Wayward Heart - As Sure As Seasons Change (Co-produced w Joe Dunlap/Mixed/Mastered)

The Yugos - Y.E.P. (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

Austin Roberts - The Anchor Project (Mastered)

Pomegranates w/ Caleb Groh - Chestnut Attic (Mastered)

Fidel Catastrophe - And the Bleak Shall Inherit the Earth (Mixed/Mastered)

Happiest Lion - Mammoth Moon (Mixed/Mastered)

Josh Lambert Band - Get With the Sound (Mastered)

Enlou - Body of Friends, Body of Water Ep (Tracked)


Caleb and the Caroling Caravan - S/T (Mixed/Mastered)

All the Day Holiday - “Christmas Time Is Here” (Tracked/Mixed)

Bear (the Ghost) - That Night (Co-Produced/Mixed/Mastered)

Never Setting Suns - And Now We’re Not Alone(Tracked/Mixed)

Kiersten Holine - Ignoble EP (Mixed/Mastered)

Still Pioneers - 01.28.1986 EP (Tracked/Mixed)

Good Morning Gladys - Unicron/The Tourist (Tracked/Mixed/Mastered)

FIRS - Man In Space (Co-produced w Joey Cook)

Enlou - Threshing Floor Ep (Tracked/Mixed)