Inner Talk / Over Thought


Liminal is the musical moniker of my good friend Tom Crouch. I have been honored to partner with Tom as he has explored his art over the last two years. So thankful to have a front row seat on this journey, watching him grow as a writer and an artist. 

"Inner Talk / Over Thought" is the first release from a batch of songs we have been working on the last few months and I'm incredibly happy with how these turned out! Produced by the one and only Jon Joseph, the soundscapes are massive, layered and full of detail. When I got these sessions, I was overwhelmed by the quality of the tracks, the layered percussion, the unique drum sounds, and the fantastic songwriting.

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 7.50.07 AM.png

I first heard about the concept of "liminal" space over coffee with my friend Alex McGrath. Alex referenced the Rob Bell Podcast on seasons as he and his wife were transitioning away from the band they had built up the previous seven years. Liminal space is all about the space between seasons. A space of time full of potential for anything to happen. A space where everything is on the table. Every option is open. Everything can change. 

I love this concept. I love that Tom chose it as a name for his music. So many of Tom's songs feeling like a journey in themselves. They feel like they are pulling you into a process. A process of change.