Who Did You Leave for Me


I met Molly Parden on a fall tour with my friends Timbre and Mason Self. We trekked across North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, and even made it to a Harry Potter Festival at a Pennsylvania University. Since meeting on that tour, Molly has been on so many records I have worked on with aritsts like Caleb Groh, Liza AnneThad Kopec, Joseph LeMay, Preston Lovingood, and Carriers. Not only that, we recorded a couple songs of hers in my living room in Nashville before I moved away that ended up on an EP she put out a while back called With Me in the Summer. She's a true gem of collaborator and a prolific songwriter in her own right. 

Molly & Mason joining me in our morning stretch routine during our fall 2012 adventures with Timbre.

Molly & Mason joining me in our morning stretch routine during our fall 2012 adventures with Timbre.

Needless to say, I was honored to be brought on to help with these latest singles "Sail on the Water" and "Who Did You Leave for Me". My good friends Zachary Dyke and Juan Solorzano engineered/produced these tracks in Nashville and did an absolutely stunning job capturing the raw beauty of these songs. Also, Benjamin Kaufman's strings are noteworthy. They really lift the song to a heavenly euphoria. I received several texts asking "Dude, who did those strings on that Molly Parden song?". I can't wait to hear more from Molly this year. She's killing it.

Malibu 1992

COIN and I have been working with for about 4 years now. We met just as I was graduating from Belmont and I ended up mixing an EP for them. "Malibu" was the last track of that EP. 4 years later, Chase, singer and synth extraordinaire, approached me about giving new life to this track for the new COIN album coming later this year. Needless to say, I was very stoked to dive back into this tune.

The first mix of "Malibu" from the EP was quintessential "indie". I used a lot of spring/amp reverbs on both the drums and the vocals and everything ended up washy and space-y. It was nice, for 2013. However, this time around, I decided to take the mix in a different direction. I wanted everything super tight. Basically, I tried to put the song in a completely opposite sonic world. I gated the electronic drums, left Chase's vocals really exposed in the verses, and refrained from heavy reverb or re-amping. It really helped me get into a new headspace with the song and I'm so stoked on the final result.

For the new version I added some "piano" chugs on the instrumental sections. I also added a fair amount of SFX to the outro section including ocean waves, seagulls, and a voice memo from my birthday party about 4 years ago. My goal was to emphasize the nostalgia factor of the song. It's a nostalgic lyrical story. It's nostalgic to be reliving a song that was a part of my world 4 years ago. It still feels very nostalgic after hearing it a few hundred times. That's success for me. Hope you enjoy the song!