I have been working with bands/friends since 2009. Projects and collaborations have snowballed over the years and I have been blessed with the opportunity to help incredibly talented artists such as Liza Anne, Coin, Caleb Groh, Pomegranates, the Soil & the Sun, Natalie Prass, Timbre, Joseph Lemay, Keeps, and Tony Anderson. After 5 years in Nashville, TN studying Audio Engineering Technology at Belmont University, I have moved back north to Cincinnati, OH.

I continue to stay busy working with artists, providing recording, mixing and mastering services.  Generally, I mix and master from my home studio, lovingly dubbed "tube world" because of an implementation of the ASC attack wall monitoring environment. When recording, I engineer tracking sessions out of local recording studios Sabbath, Ultrasuede, The Marble Garden and The Monastery. Also providing location recording from houses, churches, warehouses or any other space available when a traditional studio is not necessary.